Does your organisation adequately prepare your employees for retirement?

The statistics are compelling:

64% of employers offer employees NO tailored retirement preparation support.

70% of employees would like retirement support from their employer.

However, since the abolition of the Default Retirement Age in April 2011, employers have been reluctant to discuss retirement at all with their employees for fear of potential age discrimination. 

Are your employees worrying?

In our experience, employees that are within 5 years of retiring worry about how they are going to manage financially in retirement.

Morale and productivity decrease

The majority assume the worst and tend to continue working, all the while dreaming of retiring and not having to work.  This frequently affects productivity and morale.

We find that the uncertainty is caused by not knowing what their pensions, savings and other assets can provide by way of income in retirement.  Most people know that they have these assets but not what it can do for them.

A simple and free solution for HR departments

Retirement and Investment Solutions are the only over-50s retirement specialists in the South and we have extensive experience of helping people coming up to retirement get on top of their retirement needs, giving them peace of mind and a plan of action.

To help organisations offer the support their over-50s employees need, we have a range of simple and free solutions for HR departments, designed to deliver the tailored support your staff require as they approach retirement. These include:

  • Free Retirement Reviews
  • A free retirement helpline
  • A range of easy to understand guides covering all areas of retirement planning
  • Open seminars

Call 01489 878300 or email us today to discuss how we can help your organisation deliver the tailored retirement advice your over-50 employees need.

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