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Client Case Study – Newly Widowed

Background: Mrs M came to us as she was approaching her 65th birthday and had to make a decision about how to take the benefits from her Employer’s pension scheme.

This was the catalyst that made her realise that she could not longer put off sorting out her financial affairs.  Her husband had died a year earlier and she had not been able to face dealing with Probate.  She had no idea what savings or investments her husband had arranged – all she had was a pile of files that he had carefully put together.

Mrs M was overwhelmed with the task that was facing her and needed someone to help her.

Client Case Study - Retirement

Background – Mr B came to us as he was approaching his 65th birthday and had a number of different pension plans from which he intended to take his benefits.

The problem was that Mr B had five different pension arrangements including a deferred pension under a previous employer’s pension scheme.

He had been sent paperwork by each of the five providers detailing his plans and the options open to him – the paperwork could have formed a small mountain!

Mr B had tried to make sense of it all but, understandably, ended up totally confused and frustrated.

Client Case Study - Early Retirement

Background – Mr G and his wife approached us in January 2008 for some retirement advice. Mr G wanted to know if he would be able to retire in two years time at age 60. They had used a financial adviser previously but they did not understand the advice they were given and did not receive regular contact from them.

Mr G was working as a joiner and had a clear idea of what retirement income was required after repayment of their small mortgage.

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