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 Please contact us about any of our Investment or Retirement Planning Advice services.

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Does your organisation adequately prepare your employees for retirement?

The statistics are compelling:

64% of employers offer employees NO tailored retirement preparation support.

70% of employees would like retirement support from their employer.

However, since the abolition of the Default Retirement Age in April 2011, employers have been reluctant to discuss retirement at all with their employees for fear of potential age discrimination. 

Are your employees worrying?

In our experience, employees that are within 5 years of retiring worry about how they are going to manage financially in retirement.

Morale and productivity decrease

The majority assume the worst and tend to continue working, all the while dreaming of retiring and not having to work.  This frequently affects productivity and morale.

We find that the uncertainty is caused by not knowing what their pensions, savings and other assets can provide by way of income in retirement.  Most people know that they have these assets but not what it can do for them.

A simple and free solution for HR departments

Retirement and Investment Solutions are the only over-50s retirement specialists in the South and we have extensive experience of helping people coming up to retirement get on top of their retirement needs, giving them peace of mind and a plan of action.

To help organisations offer the support their over-50s employees need, we have a range of simple and free solutions for HR departments, designed to deliver the tailored support your staff require as they approach retirement. These include:

  • Free Retirement Reviews
  • A free retirement helpline
  • A range of easy to understand guides covering all areas of retirement planning
  • Open seminars

Call 01489 878300 or email us today to discuss how we can help your organisation deliver the tailored retirement advice your over-50 employees need.

investment planning services

How we are paid

The first meeting is always at our expense so that you can be comfortable in knowing that it will cost you nothing to see if our services are right for you.

As a result of that first meeting if you believe that our services can be of benefit to you and you are happy to work with us then we will agree the next steps with you and agree a fee for the work that we will be undertaking on your behalf.

The amount of the fee will depend on exactly what is involved but we will always:

  • Quote a fee and agree it with you in advance of you incurring any costs.
  • Guarantee that fee – it will not increase even if we have underestimated the work that will be undertaking for you.
  • You are not committed to any other fees or costs.

We will invoice you for this fee in advance of any work being undertaken.

The result of our work on your behalf maybe that we recommend a new service, product or provider to you – if we do then we will agree a fee with you to arrange and implement that recommendation.

The fees for research and recommendation start at £300 and will depend on the service or product.  Full details are contained within the Terms and Conditions of Business document that we will provide you with at our first meeting.

However, although the fee may vary, it will follow our underlying philosophy on fees which is:

  • To be clear and simple at all times – our fee structure is uncomplicated and easy to quantify.
  • To offer value for money – we believe that our fees are competitive when compared to other advisers for similar services and products.
  • To be impartial and independent of provider, product or service.

You can pay any fee to arrange or implement a new service or product direct to us from your own resources or it may be possible to facilitate the payment of this fee to us from the product or service itself.



retirement planning fees

Additional services


Dedicated Adviser:

How often do you actually get to speak to the same person twice when you are dealing with the bank or building society?

The ongoing relationship with your own dedicated adviser will allow you to get on with your life while your adviser works on your behalf, identifying opportunities and providing ideas. In short, looking after your financial well being.

Future Support for Dependants

Will your family have the time or experience to sort out your affairs when you are not there?

Details of all of your financial affairs would be held in one place with one contact to deal with when you are not there.

Document Management

Are you swamped by reams of paper and unsure about what genuinely needs to be kept?

We will establish a document management system to make sure you only retain what is necessary.

Wills, Trusts and Probate*

A legal mine field, expensive solicitors, not sure where to turn?

We will ensure your money gets to the right people at the earliest opportunity, with access to specialists carefully researched and carrying our full endorsement to give you complete confidence.

Accountancy Services

Need some help and reassurance dealing with the tax man?

We can offer access to accountancy services, which are tried and tested, for help when dealing with the Inland Revenue, including completion of Self Assessment forms.

Leadership, Knowledge and Ideas

Ever read the financial press and been left wondering which way to go?

We will both identify opportunities and ensure you do not lose sleep over regulatory, tax or other monetary charges that affect you.



*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will writing, probate, trust or estate planning

investment planning services

Ongoing service

We believe that:

  • an ongoing partnership offers you, the client, the very best opportunity of achieving your financial goals and objectives.
  • only a long term and ongoing relationship can offer the peace of mind of knowing that your financial arrangements are in experienced hands and are being managed on a proactive basis.
  • such a relationship offers support for your family.
  • complex financial arrangements such as pensions and investment solutions should be kept under regular review and be reactive to changing personal circumstances, investment conditions and legislation.

With these thoughts in mind we have developed our Client Service which offers the following features:

  • An annual meeting and review for required pension and investment solutions.
  • A dedicated adviser who will retain all responsibility for any and all of the services that the firm may provide.
  • Leadership, knowledge and ideas.
  • Your dedicated adviser will keep your arrangements under review and ensure that your financial affairs are managed to offer the best opportunity of achieving your goals.
  • Access and introductions to specialist services such as will writing, probate, trust and estate planning on competitive terms.*
  • Secure document storage facilities.
  • All telephone calls will be returned within three hours during normal office hours.
  • All correspondence will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.
  • All e-mails replied to within 24 hours.
  • Priority treatment.

*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will writing, probate, trust or estate planning

investment planning services

Our process

Becoming a client of Retirement and Investment Solutions couldn't be easier!

First Step - Initial Meeting and Discussion

Come to our office and find out what we can do for you. You will learn in one short meeting how our retirement and investment planning services can help you make the most of your money.

The first step therefore is for you to make contact with us, so that we can arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time and place.

You can do this by phoning us, by e-mailing us, by writing to us,or by visiting our offices (see our Contact page).

Following our first meeting, if you decide to engage our services, we will carry out any necessary research and prepare formal recommendations.


Second Step - Presentation Meeting

We will then arrange a further meeting to present and explain our written recommmendations and answer any questions that you may have.

If, as a result of this presentation meeting, further research and/or recommendations are necessary we will advise you at that time.


Third Step - Implementation

We will then discuss and agree with you a course of action, which of our retirement and investment planning services are suitable and proceed to implement any or all of the recommendations.

investment planning services

investment planning services

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