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It's not only about the money

It’s not only about money – it’s about freedom, friends and family too.

It’s not only about money – it’s about freedom, friends and family too.

Retirement is generally recognised as a financial event but it also represents a major change in lifestyle. For many people work helps establish their personal identity and set their daily routine, but this identity can disappear when you retire. How often are you asked when you meet someone new “what do you do?”?

Once you become master of your own time, you may have to set new goals, develop a different routine and establish a new lifestyle and this is not necessarily an easy transition. We all know that for your financial security in retirement plans need to be put in place well ahead of the event, but not many people plan ahead for the change of lifestyle that retirement will inevitably bring.

Not everyone can, but it does help if you can reduce the hours you work before full retirement. This will give you the time to introduce new activities and interests and break you in gently to the main event.

Do you have a vision of what you will do when you retire from your current career?

At your workplace, how many people are there that you feel close to, that is, people who you are at ease with and can talk to about what is on your mind?

Outside of your workplace, do you participate with other people in activities which offer opportunities to form new friendships?

These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself.

Our retired clients tell us that the four most important factors to ensure a happy retirement are: health, financial independence, friends and a passion for life. Hopefully you will have a handle on the financial aspect of your retirement, but you may want to consider Life in Retirement Workshops to help you plan for the longest holiday of your life.

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