Just for luck? and for saving?

There is a premium bond-holder living in London sitting on an unclaimed prize worth £100,000. The value of the premium bonds...? Just £25. There are also prizes of £50,000 and £25,000 amongst 740,000 unclaimed prizes worth a staggering total of £40m. 

Prizes often go unclaimed as the bond-holder has moved house, had them gifted to them as a child or maybe they are the executors of a will.

Thankfully there is no time limit on making a claim as the oldest unclamed prize dates back to 1957. Fortunately you can visit the National Savings and Investment website (nsandi.com) and simply enter your Premium Bond Holders' number to check if you have any unclaimed winnings. Alternatively you can write to them at: Premium Bonds, National Savings and Investment, Glasgow, G58 1WA.

If you have moved house, have some old Premium Bonds and have 5 minutes to spare it might just be worth checking - you never know...

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