What is stopping the over-50s investing?

During a period of low interest rates, the possible returns generated from considering alternative investment avenues can tempt even the most cautious saver. However, when push comes to shove, many savers frequently steer clear of adopting alternative investment methods to boost their retirement fund, instead opting for the security-net of poor performing saving accounts.

 So, with interest rates set to remain at record lows for the foreseeable future, what is stopping cautious savers from dipping their toe in the stock market?

  1. The fear of making the wrong investment:
    Perhaps the biggest factor for most people is the fear of losing something they have worked so hard to accumulate over the years. The economic crisis witnessed in recent years may have played a part in overshadowing the possible benefits achieved through investments, producing a lack appetite for financial risk amongst savers. Instead of taking advice and interacting with the market, potential investors are sticking to the sidelines.

  2. Lack of knowledge:
    Some potential investors may have had bad experiences from a past investment that has damaged their faith in the stock market. Instead of diversifying, some jump in head-first, placing all their eggs in one basket. Spreading risk by diversifying a portfolio across a mixture of asset classes, industry sectors and areas of the world may not guarantee protection against a loss, but using this method is a hugely important factor in helping reduce the risk of losses and achieving long-term financial goals.

  3. The desire for a quick win:
    There's a tendency for people to get lost in the noise surrounding daily market movements, which distracts investors from their long-term goals. All too often, people seek immediate returns, when in fact, share prices are prone to rise and fall over the short term, but are frequently shown to increase over a longer duration. To make the most of investments, keeping an eye firmly on a long-term horizon helps investors to ignore short term losses or gains.

Investing in the stock market may seem like a time-consuming job. However, meeting with a financial adviser like Retirement and Investment Solutions helps over-50s make sense of the possible benefits and pitfalls of tackling an investment portfolio. We advise anxious investors, who are looking to boost their retirement fund, on a daily basis and we are sensitive to the challenges you are faced with when dipping your toe in the investment market for the first time. To help you, we use our knowledge and considerable experience of managing profitable investment portfolios for the over-50s, to tailor our advice and recommendations to your personal circumstances, ensuring that your investments work for you and your specific needs.

If you would like to explore how alternative investment methods could boost your retirement fund, speak to Retirement and Investment Solutions on 01489 878300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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