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We are very proud to announce that our own Sue Tucker has been part of the Retirement and Investment Solutions team for 10 years now. Many of you will know Sue from your visits to the office and will know that she is one of the friendly faces who greets you upon arrival.

Sue has just recently moved to working part time after reaching a  milestone birthday (I won't say which one...) but remains a loyal  and hardworking member of the RIS team.

Congratulations Sue and thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!

Burning Issues for Those Facing Retirement?


Work is currently underway for our Autumn round of seminars. Our seminars are a great way for us to communicate with existing clients and new faces alike. As such they are an ideal opportunity for us to spread what we feel is one of our most important messages – that everybody considering retirement should have access to good quality advice about their options.


Whilst we feel that we have a really good format for our seminars with the 7 Essential Steps for Everybody Facing Retirement and Your Options at Retirement we are not ones to rest on our laurels. Is there something you would like to see discussed at one of our seminars? What do you feel are the burning issues for those facing retirement? We would love to hear your feedback so that we can make sure that our presentations remain relevant and answer the questions that you have.

How much are you earning on your Cash ISA’s?

Low interest rates are great news for borrowers but for savers, they can have a devastating effect. With inflation currently running far in excess of base rates, even though the value of your capital may be safe, you need to keep a close eye on the interest rates you are earning to stop, or at least limit the rate at which the buying power of your money is being eroded.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with Cash ISAs. In a recent survey for watchdog, Consumer Focus, over 80% of Cash ISA holders were found to be earning less than just 0.5% a year on their savings. In most cases, the attractive introductory rates which lured savers in had come to an end and been replaced by very low "standard" rates. In some cases this change had even gone unnoticed. Whilst it is true that, whatever the conditions in the market, most people should hold at least some money in an easy access, readily available deposit account, simply to make sure they can cover unforeseen emergencies and short term needs, any saver with longer term plans should be alarmed by findings like this. At the very least, you should do a review of the market and see if you can find an account paying more.

In response to the findings, Consumer Focus suggested that: "...customers who have not switched their [ISA] savings may be losing one to two per cent in interest. In total this could amount to as much as £1.5 billion to £3.0 billion per year…” With those potential gains at stake, it is certainly worth shopping around”.

Centenarians on the increase

It has long been accepted that improvements in medicine, lifestyle and an understanding of the effects which habits such as smoking can have on our health means life expectancy is increasing. Future generations are likely to enjoy much longer and healthier lives on average than their predecessors.

However, figures released in April 2011 by the Department of Work & Pensions illustrate more accurately exactly what that means. These figures suggest, of the under 16s already alive today, over a quarter are going to reach the age of 100 – and already, the average new-born female is going to live to over 90.

As Steve Webb (that is the Minister for Pensions, not our own erstwhile Mr Webb) commented at the time, this means that millions of people will spend over a third of their life in retirement. However, as the DWP were quick to point out, this news also coincides with a period during which pension savings are in serious decline.

An ageing population is putting our welfare system under significant pressure as more people need not only pension income but also healthcare, incapacity support and help within the home. You can therefore have little expectation that a State Pension will provide anything other than a safety cushion when the time comes. If your retirement plans include holidays, visiting relatives and treating yourself on occasion, then it’s time to take control of your savings and take advantage of our Free Pension Review.

US Deficit Deal

United States President Barack Obama has finally announced that Republican and Democratic leaders have reached an agreement on raising the US debt limit and narrowly avoided defaulting on their financial liabilities. 

Public Sector Pensions

The Department for Education and the Department of Health have today launched consultations into reforming pensions for their staff. Although if you read the headlines in the media you would be forgiven for thinking that the proposals were final.

BoE Base Rate Unchanged

For the 28th month in a row the Bank of England bank rate has been held at 0.5 per cent. The last time we had a change in interest rates was way back in March 2009, when it was reduced from 1 per cent down to it's current record low. 

Equitable Life

Word is coming through that the Treasury has sent the first compensation cheque to Equitable Life policyholders as part of the £1.5 billion three-year payment plan which it has agreed.

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