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Calling all active retirees - Introducing Active Health from WPA

WPA_smallAs dedicated adviser to the over 50’s, we at RIS, like to keep our clients up to date on various new financial products, special offers or services we feel would benefit them.

One such offer that has come to our attention is Active Health from WPA.

Western Provident Association (WPA) is a health insurer with a heritage going back over 100 years.   As a not for profit association their business is to add customer value - not shareholder value and achieve this through underlying principles dedicated to excellence in customer service.

Active Health is designed to meet the needs of active retirees seeking to maintain their valuable private health insurance cover.

What's new in the world of pensions...

There are a lot of changes to pensions coming up and we at RIS we feel our clients should be aware.  We have provided a brief guide to some of  the key changes that may or may not affect you. 

State Pension Age increasing

There are two elements to this:


The age at which females will receive their State pension is being increased from 60 to 65 to bring it in line with the State Pension Age (SPA) for men.

This increase is being phased in gradually over a period of years with the result that women born between 5th April 1950 and 5th April 1955 will have an SPA of between 60 and 65 – all women born after 5th April 1955 will automatically have an SPA of 65.

The original intention was that this increase would be phased in over a period of years ending in April 2020.

Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons

Referrals are a very important source of our new business so we look forward to rewarding any clients who refer friends/family to RIS who then become clients.

We always love to hear that our clients are enjoying our referral gifts so we were delighted to receive an email from clients, Richard and Jennifer,  who enjoyed a lovely lunch at Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons is what they had to say …

Clients_large"Just to thank you for the lovely lunch we had today at Le Manoir - attached is our Menu, and a not very good photo of us !

It might be a good one to add to your 'Gift Portfolio' - certainly very different and a real special treat .

Once again , many thanks

Kind Regards

Richard & Jennifer"


Offer More Options Campaign

At RIS we are all too well aware that too many pension savers are missing out on an increased income in retirement – sometimes as much as 33% extra, because of their lack of knowledge and the unclear message given by their existing pension companies about the choices that are available.

Far too many people retiring today are investing their pension funds – perhaps one of the biggest financial assets they own – without proper information and advice.  At best, this could mean they end up with a lower lifetime retirement income than they might otherwise have achieved.  At worst, they could be left with a wholly inappropriate product for their longer-term retirement needs and without the option to change their mind.

Living Longer Project

This week is the start of the BBC’s "Living Longer” project, which aims to engage public debate about our ageing society and the issues and opportunities this presents society. There are programmes and discussions on every BBC Local Radio station in the country, as well as on Radio 4 and some television programming.

Today, “You and Yours” had a programme about care funding. Some very interesting figures were highlighted following research for the project.

Asset class du jour !!

The US Federal Reserve has confirmed it is to embark on a second round of quantitative easing and the markets are delighted. Why wouldn’t they be? There is a general consensus that, whatever the Fed’s declared and real intentions, the decision shows its determination to avoid deflation and shore up asset prices. Equities have, to date, been the key beneficiaries of the trend to boost asset prices so markets ticked up significantly on the news.

The move has been given a number of interpretations. Those of a nervous disposition are suggesting it means the Fed is increasingly anxious about the progress of the economic recovery and, if it is worried, then everybody should be. They point to continued high unemployment, political uncertainty and only lacklustre improvements in GDP growth as signs the Fed is motivated by fears the recovery is about to stall.

It's always nice to hear we're doing it right!!

It's always a great pleasure to receive testimonials from clients and here is a selection we have received in the last few weeks .....

dave-judy-chaplin-small"My husband and I were looking for help concerning management of a lump sum of money received on our retirement.

We researched companies on the internet, and decided to contact Retirement and Investment Solutions at St.Clair’s Farm, Droxford.

At our first meeting we found the premises were very conducive to a relaxed and positive approach to assessing our requirements and we were very impressed with the professional and personal treatment we received from Pat Williams, the Director.

Sense Check at 60

Sun Life of Canada have recently commissioned a study on the retirement needs of the mass affluent “Sense Check at 60”.

The report explores how well prepared this group of people are for retirement and how much planning they’ve put into their retirement. It examines the nature of risk in retirement and defines the key risks people face managing their pension savings. 

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

• Almost half (49%) expect to generate between £20,000 – £40,000 from their pension and other savings (21% expect an income of over £50,000).

• Yet 59% of respondents have less than £300K and 33% less than £200K saved. So their expectations of likely income from their pension savings are unrealistic.

• Around 4 in 10 people in our survey expect to work after retirement (another 19% are undecided).

The next big pensions “rip off”?

From April 2012 you will no longer be able to exercise a choice about whether to remain contracted-out of the State Second Pension Scheme (previously called SERPS) because the Government has decided that you can’t be trusted to make the right choice.

In their infinite wisdom they have decided that all of us should be members of the State Second Pension Scheme (known as S2P) and if you are currently contracted-out you will be automatically contracted back in.

No longer will you be able to choose when to take your benefits – any benefits built up after April 2012 can only be taken when you reach State pension age which itself is being put back to age 66 from the current 65.

Do you trust the Government (of any colour) not to put it back even further?

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