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Comprehensive Spending Review

So, after what seems like an age since it was first announced, we have the detail of the most far reaching spending review for decades. First some of the key points:

The chancellor has announced that something like 490,000 public sector jobs could be lost. This is close to one in ten between now and 2015.

36 hours and counting...........

Our second market update seminar is taking place tomorrow evening and we are pleasantly surprised at the number of our existing clients who have booked a place, so much so that we are now concerned that the venue will only just be big enough.

We aim to keep the session brief but interesting with noted fund managers talking about the current state of the economy and also giving their views about the outlook for the coming year and potential hot spots for investment in 2011.

PANORAMA – Who stole our pensions?

This was obviously a programme that I had to watch – after all this is a subject that is dear to our hearts and I was keen to find out what their investigation had unveiled.

Panorama is known for highlighting the worst of any industry and I needed to be prepared for any calls to us following the programme.

The programme highlighted the fees and commissions that are taken from pension pots and the effect these have on the eventual fund left over to provide an income in retirement. It named and shamed various Pension Providers’ funds and some Insurance Companies did not come out very well at all.

The Great Big RIS Pub Quiz

Pub_smallOn a wet and windy Wednesday night, the RIS team ventured out with much bravado and enthusiasm to conquer the Sir Joseph Paxman’s Pub Quiz!!

After some drinks to calm the nerves and some yummy pub food to stimulate the brain cells we settled in a team of 9, yes 9, to get ready to win!!

Wills for the willing

None of us can predict what the future has in store, and making provisions for when we are gone is the last thing most of us want to consider. But have you thought about the financial consequences of dying without leaving an up to date and valid Will.

Who wants to be Fab at 50+??

If you're looking for the best way to make the most of being 50+ and your retirement then The Fab @ 50+ show is definitely for you.

The Fab @ 50+ show is just that – the best way to be Fab @ 50+! Covering everything from travel, homes abroad, health, beauty, finance, fitness, food, gardening, retirement properties and more! With a mix of demo zones where you can learn some moves with professional dance teachers and their very own pamper zone where you can rest those tired legs and indulge in some me time –there’s really something for everyone!

Is it really all such doom and gloom.....

There’s no doubt that we are in the depths of a financial crisis and there may be worst to come but one thing is for sure – we really know how to talk ourselves down, courtesy of the media.

You very rarely see or hear good news in the papers, on TV or radio but, boy, do they know how to keep a bad story going – talk about looking on the black side of things.  There was a classic example in the Daily Telegraph recently.

Going to the chapel and...

Well, the registry office in my case! After several years together I have done the decent thing and allowed Sarah to make an honest man of me!

We have been talking about it for quite a while but it never seemed to be the right time – too expensive, not enough time to organise etc... excuses, excuses. With an upcoming big birthday for Sarah we decided it was time to take the plunge. We gave ourselves a deadline of two weeks – just enough time to register our notice of intention to marry and went from there.

School photo day at RIS!

RIS_funny_photos_cropped_smallToday was the day the whole team had been dreading, our shoot to update our website photos.

With memories of school photos in our minds, the girls all crammed round the mirrors, while Justin, our budding photographer set up some flattering lights and checked out our angles!

Here’s the first edit of the results, keep a look out in our Meet The Team page to see the final additions!

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