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Will my husband be able to keep me in Retirement!!

Research out today shows that only 35% of women have their own savings that could provide them with their main source of income in retirement, and a staggering 28% of women admitted that they are relying on their partner pension benefits entirely!

To add to this worrying statistic, 34% of the women who planned on relying on the hubbie didn’t even know the details of their partner’s pension.

Retirement planning – Las Vegas style

I decided to make my first visit to Vegas last week - one of the liveliest cities in the world with a diversity of activities not seen anywhere else.  It’s such a contrast to my normal quintessential English way of life and, like many others, I wondered if I could win my fortune!

As soon as you get off the flight you run into the first chance to gamble in Las Vegas - the slot machines are right there in the airport. Apparently most books advise against playing them, as they're reported to pay less than casino slots.

Are they doing it just for fun?

Why do refuse collectors (I still call them dustmen) start so early – what is it about their job that needs them to start work at stupid o’clock in the morning?

It can’t be just because they want or need to finish at two in the afternoon – what’s the point?

Your Smart Guide to Getting Money Off

If you don't mind shopping online and would like some cash in your pocket then check out the website Quidco.

Quidco advertises itself as a "cashback cooperative". It is, in essence, a website full of links to various company websites who want to sell you their products. When you normally click on these advertising links, the referring website will earn commission if the potential customer actually buys anything. Quidco are simply passing this commission onto their users.

Of course they aren't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts - they charge all their members £5 a year for being a Quidco member. However, they only charge you if you actually earn a minimum of £5, so you won’t end up owing them money.

Check out our new look website ...

All the team at RIS are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

We’ve gone for a crisper, cleaner brighter look that you should be able to navigate round easily. However as with the ever evolving world of technology we will be making ongoing improvement and updates so would love to have your comments.

You may be charged too much tax from April 2010 unless you act now!!

HM Revenue & Customs is sending out 25 million tax codes, but not many people are aware that this year a large number of them are wrong!

Your PAYE coding notice tells employers and pension providers how much tax to deduct from your pay or pension.

Every year we are all allowed a certain amount of income before tax is paid – our tax code tells the employer or pension provider how much that is so the rest can be taxed correctly. This year the Revenue has moved all our records onto a new computer system and it seems to have gone drastically wrong.

Could you boost your retirement income by £1,000s ??

Pensions were one of the last things on Ken Hawkins mind all the time he was busy earning a living.

However for many years he had been contributing to a pension plan and as he approached retirement he started to think about how best to use his pension fund.

'I thought hard about the best ways to take my pension and realized that there were several options that were open to me,' he says. 'What I didn’t know was which option was best for me and this was a concern - the paperwork was baffling and the easiest option was to take the annuity offered and send the forms back”

Ken is not alone, each year thousands of people turn their backs on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boost their retirement funds by failing to look at the open market option. It can make all the difference!

Move over Jenson Button, RIS are in the driving seat...

On the 24th June 2010 the RIS team set off with great intentions to be the Banking and Finance Industry Go Karting Champions 2010!!

After a hard day at work off trundled our team to the Go Kart Track in Eastleigh. Our team was made up of Sue, Tracey, Justin and Jackie - with the addition of two husbands to add some extra needed speed!

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