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Here at RIS we are constantly educating our customers, be it during our face to face meetings with new clients, our annual review process, one of our useful seminars or via some of the content we publish in our popular guides.

August in the UK or relaxing on a Crewed Yacht in the Grenadines and Caribbean – difficult choice?

I am beavering away in the office helping my clients plan for their future life and have just looked out of the window. How gloomy can an August day be in the UK? To top this, a client I had a meeting with today tells me that he has bought a Schooner which he charters out in the Grenadines and Caribbean and promptly gets me to look at his website where there are photos of coral blue seas, white sandy beaches and schools of dolphins swimming alongside.

Cash - let's get rid of it!!

Coins have been in use for over 2,600 years and bank notes for over 1,000 years – surely it’s time we got rid of cash.

What do we use it for anyway that can’t be paid some other way – how many businesses, shops, pubs, garages etc are there that don’t offer some other means of payment like debit or credit cards.


It is now some days since the most important general election for decades and what we are left with is uncertainty.  At a time when we desperately need leadership and strong government what really happened was a set of extraordinary and inconclusive results. It may be some time yet before a true picture of how our country is governed emerges. In turn that may be a short term gesture. Will it really be too long before we are again at the polls deciding on a government with a strong and decisive mandate to govern?

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