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Investments for over 50s

Retirement and Investment Solutions have a long and successful history managing profitable investment portfolios for over 50s.

We tailor our advice and recommendations to your personal circumstances, ensuring that your investments work for you and your needs.

Our tried and tested ‘10 Golden Rules’ ensure your investments meet your objectives.

1. Buying what’s right for you.
Just because an investment works well for one client does not mean it is right for you. We consider your own situation – future liabilities, investment goals and, appetite for risk – before making recommendations.

2. Diversity.
We spread your risk by diversifying your portfolio across a mixture of asset classes, industry sectors and areas of the world.

3. Invest for the long-term.
We target your portfolio at quality companies and funds and allow them the time and space they need to grow, reducing risk and unnecessary costs.

4. If an investment has risen substantially, take another look.
‘When your investment doubles, sell half’ is a sensible rule of thumb. We are never ashamed to take a profit.

5. Never buy what you don’t understand.
If we don’t understand exactly what a company does or how a fund works, we steer clear.

6. Know when to say goodbye.
If a holding has performed particularly badly relative to its peers, we consider cutting our losses and reinvesting the proceeds into a quality alternative.

7. Don’t get emotionally attached.
We look at every existing investment with the same clear-headed objectivity as we did before recommending it.

8. Don’t follow the herd.
It is hard to go against the flow but we always take a step back and think not just about what we are recommending, but why.

9. Review your portfolio regularly.
We regularly review your portfolio to make sure it is still right for you.

10.Don’t believe everything you read!
We don’t get caught up in the TV and newspaper headlines. We keep a clear head and remain focussed on your objectives.

If this sounds like an approach you’d like to take advantage of, contact us today to arrange a free no-obligation investment review.  Call us on 01489 878300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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